Join Our Team of Walkers

If you're into the idea of joining a nationwide network of motivated walking, we’re eager to meet you. Your next adventure in marketing awaits. Lace up, hit the streets, and let’s walk together.

Join Our Door Hanger Distribution Crew!

Join the ranks of the bold and the determined at StreetFeet Marketing, where we make every door hanger count. We're scouting for go-getters ready to take on a dynamic side hustle as part of our nationwide door hanger distribution team.

Perfect for those looking for competitive compensation without the full-time commitment. Our gigs run across the United States, offering you the flexibility to work when and where it suits you best. Put your mark on the success of diverse businesses!

Why Walk With StreetFeet?

  • Competitive Pay for Every Job: We appreciate the hustle. That's why we offer competitive rates for every distribution gig, rewarding your effort and dedication.

  • Flexibility on Your Terms: As a 1099 contractor, you choose when you work. We'll reach out with opportunities in your area, giving you the freedom to walk campaigns that fit your schedule.

  • Nationwide Opportunities: Our campaigns span coast to coast. Whether you're in the heart of bustling cities to the quiet charm of suburban streets. Wherever you are, there’s a chance to make an impact.

  • Join Our Energetic Team: At StreetFeet, we’re more than a crew; we’re a community. Despite the miles between us, our shared passion for impactful marketing keeps us connected.

  • Empower Local Businesses: Each door hanger you place helps a local business get noticed. It's not just a job; it’s a mission to fuel local economies and communities with every step.

Ready to Step into Something Big?

Are you up for the challenge? If you’re eager to blend flexibility, fun, and the opportunity to support businesses nationwide, StreetFeet Marketing is your next move. We're excited to onboard independent contractors who are ready to hit the ground running—literally.